"Gloriously scattershot punk & clever songwriting, served with a sneer" CMJ Music Marathon 2009

"Finally someone worthy of a Buzzcocks comparison, really good songs" — Steve Diggle (The Buzzcocks)

"Lyrical Genius" Roman Jugg (the damned)

Andy J. Gallagher first hit London’s intimate music venues with punky avant-Britpop band The Shopkeeper Appeared. Fame beckoned with airtime plays on BBC Radio One and gigs with global superstars Radiohead, but Gallagher, ever-hungry for new creative experiences, headed off to explore the world’s music scenes collaborating with a host of characters, including Sparks’ guitarist Adrian Fisher.

This global odyssey triggered a torrent of creativity and Gallagher’s most inspired writing to date. When Roman Jugg, ex-member of seminal punk band The Damned, heard Gallagher’s new demos, he declared Gallagher a “lyrical genius” and insisted on producing his debut album, “Helicopter Dolphin Submarine.” Charged with raw, living vigour, an exuberance of personality and peopled by real world characters, Andy J. Gallagher’s debut LP has perfectly pinned down the zeitgeist of modern urbanites living in a wayward generation.

Wearing his influences from David Bowie to The Velvet Underground, Elvis Presley, The Kinks and The Ramones to name but a few, firmly on his sleeve, Gallagher’s dazzling lyrics and sparkling songs have been showered in praise by the media and legendary musicians alike.